JOB @ HUNTER COLLEGE, CUNY -- Professional Development Coordinator

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Job Available

Full-time Position: Professional Development Coordinator
Hunter College of CUNY
Level: PhD, post doctoral experience preferred
Salary: $40-50,000
Terms: 8/16/2010 - 8/30/2011
Hiree would work with the NIH supported Hunter College RISE and MARC Programs whose goals are to increase the number of under represented minority students that obtain PhDs in bio-medical and behavioral sciences. This job is funded by an ARRA administrative supplement to the RISE grant.

Teach Science 200.03 – Fall 2010. 1 credit hr. Enrollees are Hunter College undergraduate, Senior RISE and MARC students and other Hunter students majoring in RISE serving departments (Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Physics). Registration limited to 25. Class meets Wed 1-3 PM and in individually scheduled sessions every week.
Goals and duties: successful acceptance of undergraduates into PhD Programs. Includes personalized help and information on selection of schools, preparing curriculum vitae, filling out applications, writing/refining the personal statement, negotiating the interview process.

Organize and run the Graduate Student forum/Professional Development Workshop– Spring 2011. Enrollees are RISE MS and PhD students (16) and course is open to all PhD students in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology (up to 25). Group meetings bi-weekly and individual meetings every week.

Goals and duties: Preparing a curriculum vitae, enhancing writing skills for papers, thesis proposals and grants, applying for grants, searching and applying for post doctoral fellowships. Depending on their level, each student will write one paper for publication, a grant for support or a thesis proposal. Inviting and hosting scientists from academia and industry to provide information for students.

Qualifications: PhD in STEM or behavioral sciences required, post doctoral experience preferred, evidence of ability to write scientific papers, grants, reviews, ability to relate to science UGs and grad students

Contact Information:
Victoria Luine, PhD
Dept of Psychology
Hunter College of CUNY
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065



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