NSF Funding for Geoscience Student Attendance at SACNAS 2019

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Geo-Futures is a conference-based program that engages with and, provides educational resources for students interested in pursuing a career in the geosciences. Set within the annual SACNAS Conference, a national conference that engages with the cultural structures of students from underrepresented groups, the proposed program employs engagement strategies for engaging, and retaining the diverse assemblage of students and perspectives that will be required to address the emerging needs of 21st century geoscience. The Geo-Futures program provides student attendees with mentoring before, during and after their experience at SACNAS and helps them develop a sense of identity and community within the geosciences. Geo-Futures will also assist students as they begin to define their academic and professional pathways through the geosciences. The Geo-Futures Program will provide students with pre and post-conference training that will prepare them for understanding how to engage in a national research conference. Pre-conference activities will provide students with an introduction on navigating a scientific conference and networking with geoscientists in attendance. Conference activities will provide students with an introduction to original research being conducted in the geosciences as well as, examples of career pathways that can be engaged in as a professional geoscientist. Beyond providing students with guidance on how to pursue academic and professional careers in geoscience, the SACNAS Geo-Futures program helps students understand how their diverse talents and perspectives can contribute to 21st century geoscience research. Applications are due July 19, 2019.

Note: Students with REU or REU type experience in the geosciences are especially encouraged to apply.

For additional information please visit the website or contact us at cme@csumb.edu



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