Opportunity of beta testing a scholarly search engine

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minerazzi [mayh-neraht-see] is a scholarly search engine of miners [mayh-ners], designed by and for scholars. It is currently being built in Puerto Rico. At minerazzi, a miner is defined as a search interface with direct access to multiple databases. Databases can be part of university sites, school libraries, search engines, directories, searchable websites, or entire social networks. minerazzi helps organize dissimilar searchable resources into easy-to-use interfaces. Resources can then be queried all at once or one-at-a-time. With minerazzi, librarians, researchers, teachers, and students no longer need to keep jumping from one searchable resource to another. Why waste research time chasing databases all over the Web? School webmasters, researchers, librarians, teachers, and graduate students are invited to request a Beta Test Invite. They can also suggest and test search interfaces relevant to their area of expertise or customized around their school library or department needs. Although not limited to these, the following are possible topic-specific miners that can be constructed. Miners (search interfaces) about: Chemistry Engineering Allied Health Sciences Biomedical Sciences Grants and Scholarships Multidisciplinary Search Engines Computer Sciences ...the sky is the limit. Why it was built? (1) To minimize the cost of finding nothing, or the frustration of wasting valuable research time in jumping from one database to another across the Web. (2) To fight the so-called "Deep" or "Invisible" Web Problem. (3) To encourage researchers and students use school library and department database resources more often. (4) To conduct data mining on a given database resource. (5) To have all favorite databases organized and accessible from a single entry point. (6) Because sometimes using Google Scholar is not enough. Benefits? minerazzi is a great tool for finding thesis material, writing term papers, and literature research in general. No more research time wasted by chasing scholarly databases all over the Web. minerazzi induces students to use more their own school library resources, as long as these are listed in a miner. In addition, hard-to-find/access/remember databases that might be 'sitting in the dust' can receive traffic that otherwise might never get. Cost? Designed by and for scholars, this is a free-to-use service, so there is no impact to school budgets for using or adopting minerazzi. Availability? It is currently available to beta testers only. Additional Information? To learn more about minerazzi and its architecture or to request a Beta Test Invite, visit http://www.minerazzi.com and follows the "help" link.