Programa de PhD de Bioestadística de Harvard busca solicitudes de estudiantes de grupos minoritarios

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Sábado, 15 diciembre 2012

The Department of Biostatistics, which administers PhD training at the Harvard School of Public Health, seeks outstanding minority applicants for its graduate programs in Biostatistics. 


Biostatistics is an excellent career choice for students interested in mathematics applied to real world problems. The current data explosion is contributing to the rising stature of, and demand for biostatisticians, as noted in an New York Times ( I keep saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians and Im not kidding. To date, Biostatistics has not been successful in attracting qualified minority students, particularly African Americans. Students best suited for careers in Biostatistics are those with strong mathema tical abilities, combined with interests in health and biology. Unfortunately, statistics is not widely taught at the undergraduate level, and many potentially excellent candidates simply do not learn about the possibility of a valuable and fulfilling career in Biostatistics. Many minority students who could thrive in a Biostatistics program choose instead to enter medical school. Public health in general, and Biostatistics in particular, are not even considered as options. We would like your help in identifying qualified students before they make their choices regarding graduate school or other career paths. 


All doctoral students accepted in our department are guaranteed full tuition and stipend support throughout their program, as long as they are making satisfactory progress towards the PhD degree. Every effort is made to meet the individual needs of each student, and to insure the successful completion of graduate work. 


The web site for prospective students is here:


Please note the deadline for submitting applications to the MA and PhD programs for entry in the fall of 2013 is December 15, 2012.


We look forward to answering any questions you may have. Questions about our graduate programs can be directed to Jelena Follweiller, at




Catherine Haskell, Diversity Program Coordinator


Dept. of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health


655 Huntington Avenue, Bldg. 2 - 4th floor Boston, MA 02115-6017


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