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I recently received this information via e-mail and thought it might be of interest to members of our community. Enjoy! Veronica Science Alternative Career Blog: A note to users: This is a blog containing all the non-academic jobs, fellowships, and small liberal arts college positions I can find. It's searchable by keyword, but not by date. I'll try to periodically go through and clear out the jobs that are no longer available/deadline has passed. There's a list of good websites which I recommend, as I'm only one person and can't search all the resources every week- but hopefully this will give interested parties a start and some ideas of other good places to look. In regards to teaching jobs- There are about 300 small liberal arts colleges and they begin posting jobs between now and end of september. So the list on the website is far from complete, but more and more will be added each week as I scan through all of the colleges HR websites :) This website does NOT include faculty positions at large research institutions, only smaller teaching-heavy liberal arts colleges. Anyone interested in becoming a co-author of the blog so you can update it as you yourself find interesting jobs and fellowships, please contact me at Any particularly web-savvy individual willing to help revamp the site into something more user friendly, also please feel free to be in touch. -- Robin Herlands PhD Candidate Department of Immunology Yale University