Solicita a Propel: Programa de Becas de postdocs en Stanford

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Domingo, 2 junio 2024

The Propel Postdoctoral Scholars Program empowers outstanding researchers, prepares future faculty leaders, and creates a community of promising bioscientists from backgrounds historically underrepresented in academia who are interested in becoming faculty. Propel is a 2-year cohort-based program that provides a $84,000 annual salary with benefits and $5,000 supplemental research funds.  

Propel is designed to help you thrive in your postdoc and faculty career with programming that supports community-building, career development to navigate the transition to a faculty career, and professional skills like grant writing, science communication, networking, and mentoring. 

Eligible applicants are encouraged to contact the Propel team for guidance on preparing a successful application, including connecting with potential mentors. 

Apply today! Application deadline is June 2, 2024.




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