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Office of Human Capital Services


NOAA Launches Honors Program


June 17, 2019

We are very pleased to announce NOAA’s Honors Program (NHP) has launched!

The NHP will help NOAA build a diverse, high-performing workforce by bringing us a multitude of talented recent graduates with different perspectives and viewpoints, and academic excellence.  Recruitment for this prestigious program will occur annually.

This first year, NHP focuses on recruiting 19 Biologists, Budget Analysts, and Management and Program Analysts – multiple positions in multiple locations are located in NESDIS, NMFS, NOS, OAR, NWS, AGO, CAO, OCIO, and OHCS. 

Each cohort will complete a 1-year developmental program that includes leadership training, rotations, Line Office mission site visits, mentors, and other requirements.  Selectees are slated to begin September 16, 2019, first attending a 2-week orientation session in Silver Spring, MD, and then join their respective Line or Staff Office.

The Job Opportunity Announcements are open until July 26, or until the application quota is met. Please see the following links: 


·         Biologist, ZP-0401, (
·         Budget Analyst, GS-0560 (
·         Management and Program Analyst, ZA-0343 (
·         Management and Program Analyst, GS-0343 (

NHP utilizes the Recent Graduates Program, which requires candidates to have graduated from college within the past 2 years (June 2017 or later); Veterans may apply up to 6 years after graduating, if military obligations intervened. Candidates will compete for a limited number of positions and will be selected based on their academic performance, experience, and selected MOSAIC Competencies. A rigorous candidate evaluation process will ensure we select the best and brightest.

How you can help!

Please pass word of NOAA’s NHP opportunities to your network of potential candidates, such as your professional associations, alma maters, and stakeholders. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Line or Staff Office Business Advisor. 

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