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Puerto Rican woman becomes first female psychologist on major American Medical Association panel

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Idalia Massa joined the Panel of Editors of the influential American Medical Association's Guide to Compensation. (Submitted)

By: Alex Figueroa Cancel

Idalia Massa is a native of San Lorenzo and a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Idalia Massa became the first psychologist to join the Panel of Editors of the important American Medical Association's (AMA) Compensation Guidelines.

Massa, who currently resides in Denver, Colorado, was nominated by the American Psychological Association to represent the field at the U.S. level on the prestigious committee.

Then, last week the AMA accepted and appointed the Puerto Rican to the panel, which was celebrated by the APA for being the first time that someone from the field of psychology is on the panel.

Read de full story in the spanish version.