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UPR Mayagüez Campus students begin 2024 with educational experience at Google

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Group of RUM students in front of the Google offices in California. Provided

A group of 33 students from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Mayagüez Campus (RUM) participated in a Google Tech Exchange 2024 educational experience in Mountain View, California in early January. 

"This opportunity aims to empower students studying at HBCUs or HSIs (mostly Latino, Native and African American institutions) to grow in the technology industry. Participants in this program took virtual classes dedicated to developing skills in the field of Computer Science taught by Googlers, that is, engineers and software developers employed by Google with many years of experience in the computer industry," said Dr. Nayda G. Santiago, professor in the Department of Computer Engineering, coordinator of the initiative and member of its academic committee. 

This is the sixth year that RUM students have participated in this program. On this occasion, the students selected were: Alejandro Claudio, Armando Cruz and Yadiel Suárez from the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering (INEL/ICOM). While, from Computer Science and Engineering (INSO/CIIC): Andrea Seda, Angel Feliciano, Alexis Traverso, Anthony Medina, Carlos Hernandez, Edyan Cruz, Edzel Ortiz, Fernando Flores, Gabriel Viera, Ivanier Bellido, Jahdiel Montero, Javier Rivera, Joel Torres, Jorge Rivera, Juan Quintana, Jean Montes, José Rivera, José Irizarry, Kevin Ibarra, Kiam Pérez, Miguel Giboyeaux, Misael Mercado, Natanael Batista, Ojani Figueroa, Sebastián Frontera, Sofía Barrera, Pierre Vales, Yahid Díaz and Yamil Morales; and Mathematical Sciences (COMP): Sebastian Millan.

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