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Educational program Déjala brillar/Let it glow is successfully launched

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Written by Xavier Valcárcel

Turn off the lights, turn on the lights: three children they appear developing interpretations through movements thinking of zooplankton.  Turn off the lights, turn on the lights: three girls appear interpreting phytoplankton.  Turn off the lights, turn on the lights: three girls appear, developing movements representative of ocean food chain; specifically about the relationship between humans and fish.  Then the lights go out one last time and the audience bursts into applause.


Science is all around you: Dimorphism in birds

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José: "Greetchen, did you know that there are species of birds that change their physical appearance during their reproductive stage?"

Greetchen: "Sure! It is similar to what we do when we are seeking someone else’s attention...  We just put on our best clothes!


Science is All Around You: “Blood Moon”

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Greetchen: “José, I’m almost speechless when I see the spectacular images you have shared with us”

José: “Greetchen, I’m glad you like them.  Last month we were witnesses to the so called Red Moon (or Blood Moon).  This event is part of a tetrad of total eclipses that will go on until next year.”


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