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Ask your Professional Organization or Scientific Society to support strong governance and the autonomy and independence of the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics

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Have you already signed the petition as an individual? If not, click here to sign.  The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics (PRIS) continues to weaken as an institution and needs the scientific community and friends of Puerto Rico to take action. We invite you to sign this petition and to recruit your professional organization or scientific society to do the same. We have created this form so that professional organizations and scientific societies can join us in defending strong governance for PRIS.

The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics continues to weaken

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Dear members of the scientific community and friends of Puerto Rico,

We want to draw your attention and invite you to take action on an urgent public policy issue: the continued weakening of the governance of the Puerto Rican Institute of Statistics (PRIS). We invite you to sign and share the petition below.


Are you signing on behalf of a professional organization or scientific society? Click HERE.

Science and public policy for a more resilient Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is at a crossroads—the reconstruction decisions made following the fiscal crisis and the hurricanes of 2017 will determine the kind of society we will have in the future. Do we want to be prepared for the hurricanes to come? Or are we willing to allow the mistakes of the past to be repeated?

Moving forward requires that Puerto Rican policy makers incorporate the best available data from different fields, from economics, public administration, and social sciences, to engineering, technology, and the natural and physical sciences. Therefore, it is essential that public and private sectors collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to formulate public policies based on evidence.

Puerto Rican students reveals invention to charge mobile phone with water

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Bridgitt Stephanie Cortés -a young scientist from Ponce, traveled to Colombia to represent Puerto Rico in the International Fair of Science,Technology and Innovation.

For the full article, please refer to the Spanish version of this site.


Reconocen investigaciones de profesora de la UPR Humacao

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En reconocimiento a las investigaciones científicas realizadas por la profesora Desireé Cotto Figueroa, directora del Observatorio Astronómico de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR) en Humacao, la Unión Astronómica Internacional (IAU por sus siglas en inglés) le asignó el nombre (11456) Cotto-Figueroa al asteroide previamente conocido como 1981 EK9.

“Orgullosa, honrada… de los más grandes honores tener un asteroide a nombre de uno y saber que va a estar por cientos de años”, expresó Cotto Figueroa en un comunicado de prensa.


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