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Sustainable Research Pathways Workshop & Summer Experience

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Eager to expand your research and establish productive collaborations with renowned scientists at a Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratory?  This is your opportunity! Through SRP, faculty and students contribute to multi- and inter-disciplinary research that is changing the world.  Berkeley Lab staff are looking for scientists interested in working on large research problems that intersect with your research interests.




Job Opportunity: CienciaPR Civic Science Fellow

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Join Ciencia Puerto Rico (CienciaPR) as a Civic Science Fellow to help us improve scientists’ capacity to engage different audiences with science in culturally relevant and inclusive ways.





Balanceando el ahorro energético y la satisfacción del consumidor

This article is reproduced by CienciaPR with permission from the original source.

CienciaPR Contribution: 

Por. Dr. Wilson González-Espada, Ciencia Puerto Rico

Es evidente que el consumo global de energía continúa aumentando de manera exponencial. Muchos científicos recomiendan explorar alternativas renovables de energía y reducir el consumo lo más posible.

UPR Mayagüez professor is the first Hispanic to obtain an important award for highway engineering

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Dr. Benjamín Colucci Ríos, professor of the Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying (INCI) of the Mayagüez Campus (RUM) of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), became the first Puerto Rican and Hispanic-American to receive the Wilbur S. Smith, in the 2021 edition, an award granted by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Celebrando la Semana del Planeta Tierra con ACS Puerto Rico

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ACS Puerto Rico celebra la Semana del Planeta Tierra

del 18 al 24 de abril 2021 los invitamos a la serie de actividades que tendremos disponible para ustedes:


** Festival de Química

Sunday 18th / 11:30 am & 2:30 pm

Monday 19th through Thursday 22nd / 7:00 pm

Facebook Live





Lueny Morell: Innovator in engineering education

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Lueny Morell

In memory of Lueny Morell (1952-2020)

There are people whose work transcends generations, continents, and expectations. One of them is Lueny Morell, a Puerto Rican chemical engineer who transformed teaching methods in engineering, not only in Puerto Rico but around the world. The legacy of Lueny, who passed away in September of 2020, continues to impact the lives of many today.


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