BREP Program Sponsors 4th Biomedical Summer Internship Program for Middle School Students

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The Biomedical Research Education Program of Puerto Rico (BREP-PR), a federally funded program supported by a SEPA (Science Education Partnership Award) award from the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will be sponsoring the 4th Biomedical Summer Internship during June 12-16, 2006. Twenty six (26) students from twelve (12) Middle Schools within the Island will participate in the internship. Students were selected based on the recommendations of their science teachers. Topics to be discussed include: laboratory security; scientific method, protein electrophoresis, light and electron transmission microscopy, transgenic animals, DNA extraction and the importance of DNA identification in forensic science. During the Internship students will visit the Clinical Research Center and the Cancer Center. At the conclusion of the Internship, the students will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Dr. Emma Fernandez-Repollet, Principal Investigator of BREP and Vice President for Research and Technology of the University of Puerto Rico. This is the fourth Biomedical Summer Internship sponsored by the BREP program. Over forty five (45) students have benefited from this unique experience. Through these special summer activities the program expects to promote the interest of Puerto Rican students in a biomedical research career, especially in areas related to the diseases that affect the Puerto Rican population. Information regarding the Biomedical Research Education Program of Puerto Rico, is available both in English and Spanish, at the program’s website: . For more information of the SEPA (Science Education Partnership Award) visit:


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