Mayagüez Campus welcomes new faculty members

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Mariam Ludim Rosa Vélez

Dr. Agustín Rullán Toro, Rector of the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus (RUM), welcomed 20 new professors who have joined the institution's faculty. 

"This exciting chapter in the institution's educational history, marks a significant milestone in the unwavering commitment we have to provide an education of excellence to future generations," said the Rector. 

He added that since the beginning of the faculty recruitment process in December 2020, the academic departments have worked hard to identify and select the most outstanding candidates. 

"In July 2021, we welcomed 27 new professors. Since then, we have continued the careful work of interviews and evaluations that has allowed us to assemble a group of 20 exceptional professionals, who join the College with a deep desire to contribute to the development and growth of our students," he said. 

Eleven faculty members were recruited from the College of Arts and Sciences: Drs. Ruber Rodríguez Barreras, Alex Veglia and Clara Eugenia Isaza Brando, from the Department of Biology; Yadira Malavez Acevedo, from the Industrial Biotechnology Program; Reinaldo Rosado Silva and Melody Fonseca Santos, from the Department of Social Sciences; Allison J. Smith, from the Physics Department; Raiza R. Quintero, from the Geology Department; Cristina Perea Nieves, from the Psychology Department; José Carmona Negrón, from the Chemistry Department; and María del Carmen Quintero Aguiló, from the English Department.  

Four professors were hired from the College of Engineering: Drs. Samuel Bonet and Roxana K. Aparicio Carrasco, from the Department of Industrial Engineering; Juan Felipe Patarroyo Montenegro, from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering; and André Amador Ramírez, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.  

Two professors were recruited from the College of Business Administration: Dr. John Villavicencio Mattos, from the Finance concentration; and Monserrate Cardoza Bonet, from Accounting.  

One professor was recruited from the College of Agricultural Sciences: Dr. Katherine Domenech Pérez, from the Department of Animal Science. 

The Dean's Office of Academic Affairs recruited a professor: Dr. Santiago Méndez Hernández, from the Teacher Preparation Program, 

The Dean of Students recruited a professional counselor: Dr. Arleen Santana Mercado, from the Department of Counseling and Psychological Services. 

"The integration of these talented academics into RUM's century-old classrooms is a testament to the collective commitment and dedication of all those who have worked to make our educational mission a vibrant reality. Despite the budgetary challenges we face both nationally and institutionally, we have been able to join forces and secure the necessary resources to strengthen the faculty and enrich the educational experience we offer," concluded the Rector.


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