PRSTRT reinitiates call for its Grants Program

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Puerto Rico Trust for Science, Technology and Research

Under the motto: "Funds to grow", the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust launched two innovative grants: Advanced Research Grant and Catalyzer Research Grant with $ 2.5 million to boost the economy of Puerto Rico based on innovation, science and technology.

The Puerto Rico Trust for Science, Technology and Research announced that it has designated $2.5 million for its successful Grants Program; this amount adds to the more than $6 million that it has awarded in the last 3 years for projects in science and technology impacting more than 100 local researchers.

The Advanced Research Grant fund (formerly RFP Grant) awards $150,000 and promotes cutting-edge research for various areas of science and technology. The Catalyzer Research Grant fund (formerly Small Research Grant) awards $70,000 to provide a first boost to scientists and help local researchers increase their chances of obtaining federal or private funds for their R&D (Research and Development) proposals. Each proposal is meticulously evaluated by experts who have academic, scientific and technological expertise.

"We wanted to give the program its own image with a focus and message as innovative as the projects we impact," said Andreica Maldonado, Grants Program Manager. "Our goal is to reach a segment of scientists and entrepreneurs who find relevance in our program under the new slogan "Funds to grow." In this way, we advance the mission of the Trust to invest, facilitate and promote the capabilities of local researchers to turn Puerto Rico into a recognized center of innovation worldwide as well as develop, attract and retain scientists, new technology entrepreneurs, and companies to unleash a world-class competitive creativity.", Maldonado said.

"The Research Grants program is one of the strategic areas that serves as a catalyst for Research and Development to become a source of income for the country; and highlights our Human Resource in living sciences. The results of this program have been measured with solid impacts and have allowed many researchers to climb.", said Lucy Crespo, Chief Executive Officer of the PRSTRT.

The funds of the program have allowed to promote and develop research in the strategic sectors of biotechnology and natural sciences, renewable energy and / or clean technologies, aerospace, information technology and communications, medical devices, electronics, agriculture and environmental sciences, have offered research opportunities / economic support and have generated intellectual property, companies and patents.

Among the dramatic results of this program are: about $5M in additional funds obtained by researchers, 462 applications, 51 grants awarded, 24 direct jobs created, 127 students impacted, 23 peer-reviewed publications, 100 abstracts and presentations, 7 patents submitted, 6 companies established, 24 proposals submitted for SBIR and STTR.

This year, the program's opening event included testimonials from several subsidized companies that have already managed to see their ideas and business plans come true thanks to the PRSTRT management. Among them, Dr. Sylvia Rodríguez, Assistant Professor of the Department of Engineering, Sciences and Materials of the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus narrated how she has managed to advance her project of recycled glass as a beach filler to mitigate the erosion process in Puerto Rico.

The deadline to submit the participation for these grants is November 7, 2018. Testimonial videos, and additional information about the Grants Program can be found at