Plazas a nivel de bachillerato y maestría en CDC Dengue Branch, San Juan, PR

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The CDC Dengue Branch in San Juan, PR is interested in improving laboratory procedures for detection of arboviruses in order to more accurately diagnose patients with past, recent or current infections with these viruses. Research will also involve development of molecular diagnostic tools, genomics, development of monoclonal antibodies capable of discriminating dengue and Zika proteins and their implementation in rapid diagnostic tests. Such improvements in diagnostic tests are critical for deployment in areas of co-circulation of dengue and Zika. Other areas of research include the development of in vitro systems to better assess infectivity of Zika virus directly from body fluids of patients and both in vitro and clinical studies on the innate and adaptive immune response against Zika.

For more information contact:

Freddy Medina, Ph.D. (787) 706-4309,

Gilberto Santiago, Ph.D. (787) 706-4311,