Postdocs, Professors, Educators, and Other Professionals

Whether you are just starting your professional career or are an accomplished professional, we have the resources to further your career and allow you to contribute to your scientific community. Our pages have useful, tailored content for any stage of your career in academia, industry, government or the non-profit sector.


The postdoctoral stage, which by definition is transitory, is unique and has specific rewards and challenges. While you are still "training" and acquiring expertise, you also have to keep an eye towards the next step in your career and focus on gaining independence as a researcher. Accesses CienciaPR resources available for professionals in this stage.


The faculty of colleges and universities has multiple objectives including education, research and the application of knowledge for the advancement of society. CienciaPR has ample resources to support this mulifaceted profession and to share its contributions with the scientific community.


Educators are a group of professionals of high value and importance in shaping our society. CienciaPR is committed to bring science education to the next level. Find out our educational initiatives and all available resources for educators to promote the expansion and improvement of formal and informal education. 

Entrepreneurs and Industry

A dynamic private sector in the sciences has the potential to be an engine of economic growth. Industry and entrepreneurs contribute to and are nourished by the scientific community. Find out about all the available resources and how your company can get involved with the science community.