Science Education Program

CienciaPR's Science Education Program has a variety of formal and informal education initiatives in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) that seek to contribute to the transformation of scientific education in Puerto Rico. 

In this website you can:

  • Learn about our projects and how to participate
  • Connect with scientists, engineers and other STEM professionals. You can identify experts who connect through our member search box on the right hand or by using this link
  • Complement science instruction in the classroom with culturally relevant bilingual educational resources that present the importance and relevance of STEM disciplines for Hispanic and Puerto Rican students. Content searches
  • Find Up-to-date and relevant news about events, news, professional development and other opportunities

Team - Science Education Program

Greetchen Díaz- Program Director

Elvin Estrada- Science Education Program Specialist

Liz Hernández- Coordinator, Semillas de Triunfo 

Educational Projects 

            Scientists in Service               
           Astronomy for Service               
Visita de CienciaPR a la Escuela Antolina Vélez
            Ciencia Boricua Project             


Resources for educators