Seeds of Success: STEM Girl Ambassador Program


Seeds of Success: STEM Girl Ambassador Program, consists of educational activities to allow middle or high school girls in Puerto Rico to learn more about careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), feed their curiosity and creativity, and help them become STEM ambassadors in their communities. The program is designed and offered by scientists and engineers, our "Borinqueñas," to help girls learn about the different careers in these fields and how they contribute to Puerto Rican society and beyond. The program is offered in different regions in Puerto Rico and includes a variety of on-site and online activities.


"IF we support a girl in STEM, THEN she can change the world"



For all girls!

All girls who wish to explore opportunities in STEM can participate in those Seeds of Success' activities that are open to the public. Check out this website and the Seeds of Succes Newsletter on social networks to learn about events and initiatives that may interest you. Meanwhile, we invite you to visit the Resources section and the Women in STEM Collection that we have for you.


Seeds of Success: 2021-2022 Applicants

In the 2021-2022 cycle, Seeds of Success, we received 350+ applications from all over Puerto Rico. This year, we only have space for 120 girls in the STEM Ambassador Program. However, ALL applicants will be able to:

  • Participate in complementary online workshops
  • Participate in the series of online talks "Juntas Podemos"
  • Receive an electronic certificate of participation
  • Receive the Seeds of Success Newsletter by email
  • Participate in other opportunities as announced

* Applies to girls who applied to the Program but were not selected from the group of 121 girls for the 2021-22 cycle. Girls will receive invitations to these activities by email.



Seeds of Succes in the News


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