Bosque Escuela Ariel Massol Deyá

The forest is our greatest teacher

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El bosque nos enseña
The forest is our greatest teacher. Photo: Florentino Velázquez

The municipality of Adjuntas, harbored in the mountains of Puerto Rico, has many firsts:  the first ecological and community-based radio station of the Caribbean, the first net energy metering system, the first forest reserve managed by a community organization and the Bosque Escuela (the Forest School), a unique concept in the Puerto Rican archipelago of a school amid La Olimpia Forest.  All the initiatives aforementioned are the product of Casa Pueblo a community-based organization housed in “the city of the sleeping giant”.

Science classes in the mountains

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Casa Pueblo is offering hydrology and water quality classes at the Bosque Escuela Ariel Massol Deyá.

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