Inter Metro establishes MOU with University of Costa Rica for research in Biodiversity and Bioprospection

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Inter Metro

A research team from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, led by Prof. Ernesto Torres and Dr. Filipa Godoy in collaboration with Dr. Adrian Pinto (ucr), established an agreement with University of Costa Rica to support an exchange program in ​​Biodiversity and Bioprospection supported by the 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund and US State Department for undergraduate and graduate students.


Searching for antibiotics in Puerto Rican soil

Simón Antonio Hernández's picture

In November 2014 I found myself drenched in rainwater at the Humacao Nature Reserve collecting soil samples… well, more like mud samples. It was my first morning in Puerto Rico and it had been raining since my arrival. Yet the University of Puerto Rico students accompanying me were determined to fill their conical tubes with soil, at all costs. Our goal: to discover new antibiotic producers in the soil.

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