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Seminar: Critical and Creative Thinking

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Dr Cavallin received a scholarship to attend the seminar “Critical and Creative Thinking”, at the Faculty Resource Network organized by New York University June 10-14, 2019. This seminar explored what it means to think critically and creatively, and why both kinds of thinking are essential for our academic, personal, and professional lives. And for the lives of our students. The goal was to identify key strategies for teaching critical and creative thinking, and to develop from them useful pedagogical applications. Aspects that were considered were: What is higher order thinking, both critical and creative, and how do we recognize it? How might we foster critical and creative thinking in ourselves and in our students? What thinking tools can we use ourselves and provide our students with? How might we think critically and creatively about our teaching?

The seminar was convened by Prof. Robert DiYanni is a professor of humanities and an instructional consultant at the Center for the Advancement of Teaching at New York University. In these capacities he teaches courses in literature, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary humanities, and works with faculty and doctoral students throughout the university on aspects of pedagogical practice. Dr. DiYanni, who has taught at CUNY and Harvard, as well as NYU, has conducted workshops worldwide on teaching and

learning, critical and creative thinking, and on the teaching of literature and writing. He has also written and edited a number of volumes on these subjects.