2017 IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topicals Meeting Series

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Domingo, 9 julio 2017

Welcome to the
2017 IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topicals Meeting Series

10 - 12 July 2017
San Juan Marriott
San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Summer Topicals Meeting is the premier conference series for exciting, new areas in photonic science, technology, and applications.  Experience the opportunity to learn about emerging fields and to interact with the research and technology leaders in an intimate environment. 

The 2017 Summer Topical Meetings are focused on "Integrated Photonics".

The following topical meetings will be held:

1.Integrated Photonics for the Ultraviolet and Visible Spectral Range (IPUV)
2.Integrated Photonics for the Mid-Infrared (IPMI)
3.Low Energy Integrated Nanophotonics (LEIN)
4.Optical Switching Technologies for Datacom and Computercom Applications (OSDC)
5.Photonics Research for 5G and beyond (PR5G)
6.Quantum Networks (QNW)

A unique aspect of the Topical Meeting is that IEEE Photonics Society volunteers propose and organize the event. Hence, I would like to thank each of the Topical Chairs and the Program Committee Members who have volunteered and invested their time organizing these conferences over the years. I also want to thank the plenary and invited speakers for giving us their perspectives on the exciting new developments and the challenges in these fields. Finally, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the IEEE Photonics Society Conference Staff for their professional organization and arrangements.

The topics to be discussed in this year's Summer Topicals span a broad range in emerging and hot areas of research, from materials to devices, integrated photonics, and systems.

  • The IPUV topic will cover recent advances in photonic integrated circuits in the UV and visible spectra, with a broad range of applications in biochemical sensing, Raman spectroscopy, photo-ionization, integrated spectrometers, nonlinear optics, LIDAR, and high density optical recording. 

  • The IPMI topic will bring together photonic engineers, materials scientist, optical physicists, and application experts to present the recent development of mid-infrared (~ 2-20 m) photonic materials and mid-infrared device design and integration.

  • The LEIN topic aims to garner recent advances in nanophotonic devices ranging from nanolasers, detectors to modulators for chip-level optical interconnects and will bring together diverse specialists to estimate bit energies of individual devices with integrated photonics specialists who can look at architectures to utilize such devices.

  • The OSDC topic will discuss the latest research and development in optical switching and memory technologies and address a series of challenges with respect to memory bandwidth, energy and speed requirements for the next generation high performance computers.

  • The PR5G topic will bring together global participants from both industry and academia and present advances in integrated microwave photonics technology, mm-wave and THz wireless digital/analog radio over fiber systems, radio-optical digital signal processing, and multi-RAT networking.

  • The QNW topic aims to provide an interdisciplinary setting to discuss the recent advances of quantum networks, including their novel application and functionalities, architectures and protocols, entanglement creation and manipulation, and quantum nodes and memories.

In addition to the technical presentations, hallway discussions, and other networking, I hope that you have a chance to experience the beautiful beach and many other wonderful attractions in San Juan.

Looking forward to seeing you in San Juan!

Zetian Mi, 2017 General Chair



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