Biological Science Student Trainee (Internship)

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Jobs within the Biological Science Student Trainee, GS-0499 series require a practical knowledge of the methods and techniques of one or more of the biological or agricultural sciences when the work is not more appropriately included in another technician series.  Biological Science Student Trainees provide technical support to production, research, operations, or program administration efforts in laboratories, field or other settings.  The exact nature of the duties is determined by the hiring office.

The Pathways Internship Program is designed to attract students enrolled in a wide variety of educational institutions (ranging from high school to graduate school) with paid opportunities to work in agencies and explore Federal careers while still in school. This program exposes students to jobs in the Federal civil service by providing meaningful development work at the beginning of their career, before their careers paths are fully established.

Students must meet the following eligibility requirements to participate in the Internship Program:

  1. Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a degree seeking student (diploma, certificate, etc.)
  2. Take a course load of at least half-time in an accredited educational institution.
  3. Be in good academic standing as defined by the educational institution.

An agency may convert an Intern non-competitively from the Internship Program to a term or permanent position in the competitive service provided that all the terms of section 5 CFR 362.204 are met and there is an available position.  However, conversion is not mandatory or guaranteed. U.S. citizenship is required to be eligible for conversion.




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