Job Title – Ornithology Internship

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Position Type – Internship

Start Date – ASAP


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At Para La Tierra we specialize in training life sciences undergraduates and graduates in the skills they need to enter further education or the job market. Supported by the Rufford Foundation, we are currently conducting an investigation into the ecological requirements of the endangered White-winged Nightjar (Eleothreptus candicans).


We are offering a very specific type of internship for a recent zoology graduate to contribute to the fieldwork. The goal of the project is to collect a second set of behavioral data focusing on habitat use, breeding behavior, and roost selection. The ultimate aim is to apply the data to a comprehensive conservation strategy. The project's major responsibilities include: radio-telemetry, collection of morphometric and behavioral data, vegetation surveys, and handling of live birds. You can also join in on our workshops based on researching other fauna, and at the same time be immersed in Paraguayan culture in one of Paraguay's most beautiful locations - Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca. After all your hard work you’ll leave with an academic reference and a certificate, plus hundreds of fantastic memories to share with those at home.


This project required a high level of dedication and enthusiasm and includes long hours working independently at night and day in adverse weather conditions. This can mean working from 12am to 5am in cold windy weather as well as sometimes working from 12pm to 5pm in 40+ degree heat. The work involves the use of a quad bike for access to the study site so a current driving license is required.



Bachelors degree in Environmental Science, Biology, Ecology, or related degree.

Past experience conducting field research, particularly focused on ornithology.

Past experience working in adverse weather conditions.

Past experience using radio-telemetry equipment.

The work will be under direct supervision of the project's principal scientist Joseph Sarvary.


Paraguay remains one of the least visited countries in South America yet is also amongst the most friendly, safe and traditional. Paraguay is perfect for an adventurer ready to explore a different world off the beaten track. Para La Tierra is based at Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca, a beautiful location in the east of Paraguay, boasting a clear freshwater lake ready for swimming in, and a sandy beach for you to relax on at the end of the day. Laguna Blanca lies on the frontier of the Paraguayan Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest, two of the most interesting and important habitats in the world. The Cerrado was named a biodiversity hotspot by Conservation International while the Atlantic Forest is one of the five most rapidly disappearing habitat types on Earth. Your work with the nightjar will be based in the Cerrado.


Costs -  $790 per month for the 1st 2 months and $750 for each subsequent month. You can also pay on a weekly basis pro rata. There is a 25% discount for South American nationals. This price includes all of your living costs during you stay with us. The meeting point is in Santa Rosa del Aguaray which is the nearest town to the reserve. The cost includes three meals a day with unlimited fruit juice and mineral water, tea and coffee, accommodation, WIFI, access to leisure activities such as kayaking and horse riding, administrative costs and a small contribution to Para La Tierra's projects.  


We have already hosted more than 130 interns who have progressed to careers in biology and conservation. References from past interns are available on request. Internships require a minimum stay of 3 months and you can apply by sending a CV to



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