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LAUNCH is an open innovation platform that was founded by NASA, NIKE, The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and The U.S Department of State to identify and foster breakthrough ideas for a more sustainable world.  LAUNCH aims to move beyond incremental change and make an impact at a system-wide level and is currently focused on transforming the system of materials and manufacturing.

LAUNCH System Challenge: Green Chemistry

Positive changes to this complex system can have dramatic social, environmental and economic impacts on the world. That’s why our next challenge will focus on Green Chemistry, an important component to build a sustainable materials and manufacturing system.

LAUNCH is seeking innovations that deliver high performing materials and treatments while adhering to or enabling greener chemistry principles that have potential to:

Reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in materials and processes

Enable the use of low environmental impact renewable feedstocks

Enable end-of-life recycling or maximize the potential for closed loop systems, while minimizing hazard

Increase energy, water, and raw material efficiency, minimizing the use of constrained resources

Maximize community, worker, consumer, and environmental safety from hazardous chemicals
Enable models, education, and tools to help industry and consumers to select greener chemistry alternatives
Up to ten innovators will be selected to attend the LAUNCH Forum in early 2015, where you will present to leaders from business, government, academia, science and the NGO community.  At the Forum the LAUNCH team will facilitate targeted sessions between innovators and relevant subject matter experts who can provide guidance on how best to develop your innovation.  Additionally, you will become part of the LAUNCH Network, a growing community of the most disruptive thinkers on the planet.

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