Posición postdoctoral con el programa Estuario de San Juan

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The San Juan Bay Estuary Program is seeking a doctoral scientist interested to complete a postdoctoral for the project title: “Ecological Assessment of Generalized Littoral Environments Decision-Support System (EAGLE/DS)”.   The primary objective of the project is to develop an application that advances knowledge of extreme environmental events that impact water quality, helps evaluates the likelihood of one or multiple extreme events occurring simultaneously in various parameters together in a given region, and provides regional-scale of information on extreme events to policy makers, planners, educators and researchers.  

 Specifically, the project seeks to: (1) Assess trends and variability in various environmental variables that have an effect on coastal and estuarine water quality in the San Juan Bay Estuary; (2) Understand the interaction between these variables and how they act individually and in synergy to affect water quality in these areas, (3) Develop a decision-support tool that collects, integrates, and fuses data from a specific set of  in situ variables  and  real-time  satellite  observations,  which  conducts  an  automated initial interpretation of water quality indices, and which generates alerts  about situations of concern, and to (4) develop an effective means to disseminate the information to stakeholders.  


  • Familiar with computer processing methods to handle large and varied types of environmental time series data; specifically conducting quality control, reformatting, and organizing large amounts of data from many variables into a coherent, consistent, and high quality database. Data include but are not limited to water quality, meteorological, land use, and various satellite data.
  • Familiar with statistical methods, including time series processing methods and software
  • Basic computer programming in high-level languages such as Matlab and / or IDL
  • Coordination and communications skills:
    • Maintaining regular communications with team and team leaders
    • Writing data and results reports
    • Writing scientific manuscripts (publications)
    • Presenting materials to scientific audiences and to the public
    • Writing proposals
  • Language: English is a priority

Please submit CV by email to:

Dr. Jorge Bauzá Ortega at jbauza@estuario.org and Dr. Javier E. Laureano at jlaureano@estuario.org



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