Program Director Positions in STEM Undergraduate Education at the NSF

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Lunes, 22 julio 2024

Program Director positions in the Directorate for STEM Education, Division of Undergraduate Education


The U.S. National Science Foundation is seeking multiple qualified candidates for up to five Program Director positions within the Directorate for STEM EducationDivision of Undergraduate Education in Alexandria, VA.

The core strategies NSF staff employ include developing intellectual capital, strengthening the physical infrastructure, integrating research and education, and promoting partnerships. Responsibilities of the Program Officer include, for example, long-range planning and budget development for the areas of science represented by the program or program cluster; the administration of the NSF merit review process and proposal recommendations; the preparation of press releases, feature articles, and material describing advances in the research supported; and coordination and liaison with other programs in NSF, other federal agencies, and other non-profit or for profit organizations.

Find more detail about these opportunities here. And learn more about what it is like to work at NSF here.

Applications are due by July 22, 2024.

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