Programa de Mentoría para Carreras en la Industria de Biotecnología (Estudiantes graduados y postdocs)

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Jueves, 30 abril 2015

Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program for Biotech (SMDP Biotech)

Program Overview

Presented by the International Center for Professional Development (ICPD) |

The International Center for Professional Development in partnership with biotech industry sponsors will host a training session for the Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program for Biotech (SMDP Biotech), June 13-18, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA


What is biotechnology?
In general, any technology or product made with or derived from living organisms or biological materials using cellular or biomolecular processes.  Biotech medicines are large molecules similar to the proteins and other complex substances that the body relies on to stay healthy.

What is SMDP Biotech? 
The one year career mentoring program pairs diverse graduate students and post-doctoral researchers with industry mentors who work at biotech companies.

  Watch a video about SMDP Biotech

With their mentors, Scholars attend a 6-day training session to learn about career opportunities in industry and receive career development coaching.  They also attend a major biotechnology convention.

How is SMDP Biotech publicized and how are applicants invited?
The International Center for Professional Development (ICPD) distributes information about the program through its websites and sends emails directly to universities and research institutions across the United States and Puerto Rico. 

Former Scholars have also become a large source for word of mouth referrals

What are the benefits to Scholars?

  • A 6-day career training experience that pairs SMDP Biotech Scholars with industry mentors from biotechnology companies

  • One year of personalized career mentoring and guidance from an industry mentor

  • The opportunity to meet and network with biotechnology industry mentors and other SMDP Biotech Scholars

  • Conference accommodations, meals, complementary registration for the SMDP Biotech training session

  • Complimentary registration for a major biotechnology industry convention

  • Up to $350 in travel cost reimbursements

  • A personalized profile on the Mentoring Portal

  • Ongoing networking and career opportunities


Who may apply?  
The year-long career mentoring program benefits graduate students and post-doctoral researchers from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in the biotechnology workforce, including Hispanic Americans, Pacific Islanders, African Americans and Native Americans.

What is a Personalized Mentoring Plan?  
The personalized mentoring plan includes goals and action items designed to prepare Scholars for careers in the biotechnology industry.

Mentor-mentee teams carry out their mentoring plans for a year following the training session. They communicate monthly by phone, email and virtually, aided by ICPD staff and the SMDP Mentoring Portal, a web-based tool that supports mentor-mentee collaboration and communication.

How do I apply?

  • Complete the online Biotech application form at by April 30, 2015

  • Submit your resume and two letters of recommendation: one from a major science instructor and one from your faculty advisor or a suitable substitute

  • Submit a 2-page personal narrative describing how you think SMDP Biotech will enhance your education and professional development. Also include your long-term career goals, academic goals, and scientific and research focus. Lastly, discuss how an industry mentor will impact your career and what you expect to gain.

How are SMDP Biotech Scholars selected?
A selection committee of representatives from the biotech industry carries out student selection evaluating applicants based on predetermined criteria. 

The committee's recommendations are compiled and a summary report is used to determine the final selection of participants.

When will I be notified of my selection status? 
We will send you an email notifying you of your selection status by May 15, 2015.

Have a question?
Contact Dustie Savage at or call us at 951 599-4956.



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