Taller de escritura de propuestas de investigación (tipo K o R) en neurociencia

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Martes, 22 abril 2014

Favor de diseminar entre investigadores a nivel postdoctoral o a nivel de facultad que pertenecen a grupos minoritarios y que desean someter una propuesta de desarrollo profesional (tipo K) o de investigación (tipo R) relacionada a temas de neurociencia en los próximos dos años. ¡Esta es una excelente oportunidad de recibir entrenamiento en la escritura de propuestas de representantes del NIH!

Now is the time to get the help you need for the K or R type submission or resubmission – you have until April 22ndbut send as soon as you can

**Submission Process:    http://www.ninds.nih.gov/funding/areas/training_and_career_development/diversity.htm#tab6-panel

Selection Criteria

  • All aspects of neuroscience research are eligible; however priority will be given to those research topics that have primary NINDS mission relevance.
  • Participation in this workshop is limited to U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents of the U.S. and emphasis will be placed on members of groups that fit NIH diversity definitions (see http://www.ninds.nih.gov/diversity_programs/definitions.htm)

To be considered please send a compiled PDF attachment with all the required items below:

  1. Cover letter (should explain intent to submit the K or R01 submission within 3-8 months after the workshop, describe institutional support and list current funding)
  2. Biosketch/CV
  3. Publication list
  4. Written draft of abstract with specific aims for the potential K or R01 submission (no more than 2 pages)
  5. Letters of support* (see description below)

*Letters of Support

Each applicant is required to obtain at least one letter of support for their application which must be submitted by the following persons:

1.       Department Chair or Division Head in registrant's institution or, if senior trainee, in institution where faculty position is anticipated. The letter of support should contain the following information:

  • Statement of commitment to allow protected time for registrant to prepare for and participate in the workshop, to complete and submit NIH proposal, and, if funded, to execute the proposed research

2.       Registrant's research or senior faculty mentor (appropriate for those in mentored programs like the Diversity K22 or K01). The letter of support should contain the following information:

  • Potential of registrant as an academic and as a researcher
  • Adequacy of training and research experience to be competitive for an NIH research or research training award
  • Mentor's qualifications (e.g. NIH or comparable funding track record) and plans for supporting the registrant in planning and writing a competitive research proposal

Please send all requests directly to the email box below: NINDSDiversityTraining@ninds.nih.gov

Once accepted, participants must agree to complete the Specific Aims and Research Strategy of the SF 424 as preparatory work prior to the Workshop. Participants will bring a laptop to revise and edit the document during the two day meeting.

Please feel free to email directly with questions or if you have issues about the online submission (jonesmiche @ ninds.nih.gov).



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