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Congratulations to the 2023 AAAS Fellows!

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Last April, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) the world's largest general science society, announced 502 new Fellows. This recognition is awarded to scientists with important careers in the fields of biological sciences, chemistry, medical sciences, engineering, neuroscience and physics. On this occasion, two Boricuas are part of the 2023 cohort: Dr. Luis Fernando Santana, Full Professor at UC-Davis and Dr. Marcia Cruz Correa, Executive Director and researcher at the Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer CenterCongratulations to the entire class of 2023, especially to our #CerebrosBoricuas! 

Election as an AAAS Fellow is a lifetime honor. Recipients have included Nobel laureates, astronauts, and pioneers in various fields. In this, the 150th Anniversary of the AAAS Fellows program, the recognized experts specialize in technology, environmental science, and science education, among others. Dr. Marcia Cruz Correa, who has led more than 15 clinical research studies on different types of cancer with a special emphasis on colon cancer, was the first Puerto Rican to be appointed as a member of the “National Cancer Advisory Board” and to the Board. Advisor to the American Association for Cancer Research. For his part, Dr. Luis Fernando Santana investigates the functioning of cardiac and vascular muscles and his research has been published in scientific journals, including Science and Nature. Dr. Santana is Vice Dean for Basic Sciences and Chair of the Department of Physiology and Membrane Biology, UC-Davis School of Medicine.

Drs. Santana and Cruz Correa will receive, along with the rest of the AAAS Fellows 2023 cohort, a certificate and a gold and blue pin (representing science and engineering, respectively) to commemorate their election and will be honored at a forum on September 21, 2024.