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Five Puerto Rican Engineers Recognized as Luminaries in STEM at HENAAC

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Paloma Diaz Candelas, egresada del RUM, es una de las galardonas como luminaria STEM por HENAAC

At least four talented Puerto Ricans will be recognized as luminaries in STEM at the HENAAC Conference (Great Minds in STEM) in Pasadena, California. These four Puerto Rican engineers are part of a group of 19 engineers that will be recognized by their work. The four Puerto Rican engineers are:

Adriana Santos – Alumna from UPR, Mayagüez in 2012

Paloma Díaz Candelas – Alumna from UPR, Mayagüez in 2011

Charles Parkhurst – Alumn from UPR, Mayagüez

Fernando Rosario – Alumn from Purdue

Marvi Matos _ Alumna, UPR Mayagüez and Carnegie Mellon

To visit the official Great Minds in STEM page visít: