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Red Comuniciencia – More and Better Science en Español

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To advocate and promote the creation of more and better Spanish-language science, health and technology content, Marga Gual Soler, Ivan Fernando GonzalezLuis Quevedo and yours truly —all members of CienciaPR—created Red Comuniciencia. Red Comuniciencia is a community of Spanish-language science, health and technology communicators based in North America. 

In a post published on Scientific American's new blog "Voices", we present our vision of why we need more and better Spanish-lanaguege science, health and technology content content in the media, particularly Spanish-language media. To meet this need we believe it is imperative to build a network, a critical mass of communicators that can create more, better, accessible and relevant Spanish-language science content. 

Read our call to action here.

You can find Red Comuniciencia on Twitter and Facebook. You can also email us at