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Quick guides for identifying bryophytes Puerto Rico

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Briofitas de Bosques Urbanos y Comunitarios

Bryophytes are a group of plants that includes mosses, liverworts, and hornworts. Although these plants are present in almost all forests and terrestrial ecosystems in Puerto Rico, few resources are available to recognize the most common species and those that are important for forest health.

These two field guides are intended to help the public become familiar with the bryophytes, to recognize some of the groups that we can find in Urban and Community Forests of Puerto Rico and the bryophytes of the El Yunque National Forest. The species or genera in the guide can be recognized from the photos, but there are many more species than those listed. The bryophyte flora of Puerto Rico consists of more than 500 species, these plants can be found growing on soil, rocks, and on the stems, branches and leaves of other plants. It is useful to use a 10x magnifying glass to observe the Bryophytes.

You can download the guides and find more information here -> BriofitasPR

You can read the full story in the Spanish version of this post.