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NOx gases, formaldehyde, benzene, V.O.C's and other harmful pollutants and contaminants

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Nanotology Power solutions are the breaking news of not only a natural way to address air purification technology, but also hard to kill microorganism. Our specialized surface coatings without the need for using filters can capture more than 85% of the gases that fly around in the air and are detrimental to peoples health and property.

The formulations we use can also dissipate motor engine exhausts systems NOx gases, formaldehyde, benzene, VOCs and other noxious air waste.

How does it work?

Hydrophilic Natural Formulations

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The photo shows a glass building structure. The glass has been  covered with one of our hydrophilic natural formulations. Once covered it acquires hydrophilic properties. This means it will attract the water on to the glass surface which will absorb it while at the same time it creates a cleaning effect. Also upon the sun hitting the hydrophilic covered glass with its rays, a photocatalysis reaction occurs triggering a chemical response. This permits breakage of organic matter at the molecular level while processing it into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Excellent for cold or heat reduction, hence electrical power consumption. Formulations available for wood, ceramics, stainless steel, stone and many other materials.


Organic Health and Agriculture

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Organic Farming is the way to go. Proven has been that no other way other than the natural way is able to take care of our health's land, environment and ours with great care. Different from organic natural fertilizers solvent base solutions are proven to eventually damage our surrounding.

Thought solvent base solutions are cheap and can boost agriculture growth, the end results damage the air, water, and land, above all our health. POWER GROUP CORP AGRICULTURE offer is the antithesis of solvent base agriculture and assists the rightful owner natures in its great task in feeding the world. No other way is at our hands that can secure both our health and our environments.  

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