Abraxis BioScience will create 400 jobs in Puerto Rico

This article is reproduced by CienciaPR with permission from the original source.

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Cited from endi.com AB, hopes to begin operations this summer, and has already started recruitment in Puerto Rico. "This plant is equipped to produce parenterals, inhalants and medicines that comply with the United States and the European Union regulations. Also, it includes a 90.000 square feet plant for active ingredient manufacture and two facilities for quality control and laboratories." "As part of the transaction, AB will lease a portion of the plant to Pfizer, where they will use 93 contract workers for the manufacture of celecoxib, active ingredient of Celebrex." "AB contemplates to manufacture several of their medicines in the Island, including a nanotechnology treatment to fight cancer. Among these medicines is Abraxane, a medicine that delivers chemotherapy directly to the affected area, thus diminishing damage to healthy cells." This company, that will bring a combination of biotechnology and nanotechnology to Puerto Rico, is another step forward for the initiative between the government, the industry and the academia to attract and develop companies focused in biosciences.