Construction of the Molecular Sciences Complex makes history

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Cited from Members of the government, the academy, and pharmaceutical industry in the Island, joined by Elias Zerhouni, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), "welcomed this project, which they hope becomes the main scientific training center of the country." " "This is what this project is about, is not just a building, is an opportunity to develop our scientists', commented governor Anibal Acevedo Vilá during the ceremony, which was a presentation of the building plans." "The first stage of the building, that will eventually have plant and animal housing facilities, consists of the basic structure of the building and the first two floors, an should be ready by mid-2008. This first stage will have a cost of $44 million: $20 million from the UPR, $20 million from the Industrial Development Company and $4 million from the NIH." "Jorge Silva Puras, secretary of Economic Development and Commerce emphasized that the project is part of the initiatives to turn Puerto Rico into an important player in biotechnology industry of the. However, Zerhouini pointed out that for the project to be successful it is necessary to have visionary politicians, a dynamic private sector, committed universities and intellectual capital. 'I believe that within the framework of the opportunities, the growth of life sciences does not have parallel with other sectors of our economy… If you obtain 1% of the impact in this sector it will be a great service', emphasized Zerhouini. 'And this cannot be accomplished in a short time. It is a long term strategy… is not a 100 meters race; is marathon'."