Continues the exodus of engineers from the RUM towards US

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Cited from "Jorge Silva Puras, secretary of Economic Development and Commerce (EDC) is aware and worried at the same time about this fact, reason why he has set out to stop that exodus. According to him, in Puerto Rico there is need of many jobs, but it is necessary to determine in what areas." "For that reason, the EDC, together with the University of Puerto Rico, the Association of Industrialists and the Association of Pharmaceutical Industries is working to modify several university curriculums, so that they are more in tune with the industry needs on the country." "Silva Puras indicated that, in addition, it is necessary that students receive appropriate counseling on the disciplines they are interested studying before they enter college. That would create a better balance between college careers and job opportunities." "For the Secretary, it is not something negative that graduates leave to work outside of the Island, since that is an enriching experience. The important thing is to try to get them to return to Puerto Rico with those experiences acquired."