“Salud Pública al Mediodía”, a new virtual show about COVID-19 and public health

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The Puerto Rico Public Health Trust (PRPHT), a program of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust (PRSTRT), launches “Salud Pública al Mediodía” (Public Health at Noon), the new digital transmission of live segments whose host will be the executive director of the PRPHT, Dr. José F. Rodríguez Orengo. The show will air via Facebook Live two to three times a week at noon; and will bring COVID-19 updates and various public health topics starting Monday, August 10.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the PRPHT has played a leading role in the research, management, and development of scientific data in the prevention of COVID-19. Specifically, in important tasks such as the development of the Reference Laboratory Consortium to facilitate the carrying out of molecular tests on the Island, the promotion of new technologies to optimize the amount of tests with the pooling methodology, the collaboration with Ponce Health University for the Syndromic public health monitoring system, and recently the development of the Tracking System in Municipalities. Likewise, it has achieved a joint work with the Department of Health to propose evidence-based measures - positivity index, monitoring of the municipal pandemic, percentage of tests carried out - for decision-making in the management of the novel virus in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Rodríguez Orengo, who will share first-hand public health information on live broadcasts, is an expert on health issues and is noted for his background in scientific research and his work as a professor at the University of Puerto Rico- Medical Sciences Campus. In this space, the also executive director of the PRPHT will talk about topics of interest to the communities of Puerto Rico in a clear and easy to understand way to spread the message of health and prevention so that it reaches everyone.

“Salud Pública al Mediodía” will broadcast from the PRPHT Facebook page; and it will be repeated on the PRSTRT YouTube channel: Fideicomiso TV and the PRPHT channel.