Young scientist finds clues for one day curing glaucoma

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Giam Vega Meléndez is committed to a career in science. (

The regeneration of the optic nerve and a cure for glaucoma could one day be possible thanks in part to findings from a study led by Giam Vega-Meléndez, a young 26 year-old Puerto Rican graduate student who is on a fast-track to a research career. Vega found that certain proteins, naturally released by the body during development, can promote the regrowth of optic the nerve after injury or degeneration. The research project was conducted in its entirety by Vega-Meléndez, a graduate student in the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences campus (UPR-MSC), under the direction of Dr. Jonathan Blagburn and Dr. Rosa E. Blanco scientists at the Institute of Neurobiology and the UPR-MSC respectively. His research was published in the renowned Journal of Neuroscience Research


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