Biologist position at the AWBERC US-EPA research laboratory facility located in Cincinnati (Ohio)

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Monday, 12 December 2022

A Biologist position is currently being advertised through USAJOBS to work at the AWBERC US-EPA research laboratory facility located in Cincinnati (Ohio). This is a federal position and therefore the applicant must be a US-citizen. The position is linked to ORD’s Student Pathway program, and we are seeking highly motivated individuals that would like to pursue a productive career in applied microbiological research. Research activities in ORD are linked to the agency’s mission of safeguarding public health and the environment. More information on ORD can be found via this link:   

The position is for a recently graduated student (undergraduate or graduate student) that has completed her/his degree two-years prior application submittal OR for current students who will complete a qualifying degree/certificate within 4 months of the announcement closing date. Depending on performance evaluations, this one-year term position will likely turn into a permanent one. All federal benefits apply for this position from day one. If interested, the applicant must open an account with USAJOBS ( as he/she must apply via this website. The link to the position and more information:   

The selected individual will conduct studies addressing research gaps relevant to fecal pollution, cyanobacterial blooms, antibiotic resistant bacteria (and their genes), drinking water and wastewater microbiology, and biogeochemical cycles, among other areas. This person will join a research group that uses a variety of nucleic acid-based methods such as PCR, qPCR, cloning, DNA hybridization, and next-generation sequencing as well as conventional culture-based techniques typically used in microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, and public microbiology.     

The ideal candidate will have experience/knowledge in at least some of the above-mentioned techniques as well as conducted field work and sample processing using relevant aseptic techniques. Evidence of laboratory record keeping, pertinent QA/QC laboratory practices, and good oral and written communication skills are relevant to this position.  The chosen candidate will work in multi-disciplinary areas pertaining public and environmental health and be part of collaborative work with division/branch staff (, other ORD research centers, and external partners.       

Candidates with relevant biology/microbiology kills and from diverse backgrounds to are strongly encouraged to apply. Please note that the position is available until this Thursday Dec 12. As this person will initially work in the laboratory of Jorge Santo Domingo- Research Microbiologist, those interested can reach out to ( for questions related to ongoing studies. Otherwise, the job announcement (use the job link) provides a contact HR person for issues pertaining application, benefits, etc. Below is a brief bio to be shared with potential applicants.  



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Application for this position

Application for this position has been extended until Monday Dec 12 (minight). Great opportunity to be involved research conducted with in state-of-the-art tools and innovative/creative approaches to problem solving within applied environmental science fields. The position comes with great benefits and professional growth opportunities. Please apply if you have laboratory experience that included microbiology and molecular biology skill. 


If interested in working with EPA, do not hesitate to contact me if interested in this and other related areas outside of microbioly: ecology, toxicology, biochemistry. chemistry, epidemiology, environmental engineering, etc (