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The CienciaPR Community

Visita de CienciaPR a la Escuela Antolina Vélez

By registering as a member of CienciaPR you join more than 7,000 STEM professionals, students, and educators interested and committed to education and science in Puerto Rico and in the inclusion and participation of Hispanics in these disciplines.

We invite you to connect with other educators to share information or to collaborate with scientists or STEM professionals for school visits, talks to students, or mentoring with science fair projects. You can identify experts who connect through our member search box on the right hand or by using this link.

Educators Resources

On the right hand side you can see a bar labled “Resources”. This is a listing of various resources on our website that may be of interest to teachers. Here we describe some of the resources developed by CienciaPR:

Ciencia a Tu Alrededor Videos
Anuncio Videos Ciencia a tu Alrededor

In collaboration with the Banco Popular Foundation, we developed several videos (spanish) covering topics of the 7th to 9th grade science curriculum of  Puerto Rico's Department of Education and the Next Generation Science Standards. The videos are designed to help illustrate the importance of science and technology to the lives of Puerto Ricans and to highlight profiles and achievements of Puerto Rican scientists and engineers who excel in these areas.

The ¡Ciencia Boricua! Book 
Sixty-one essays written by Puerto Rican scientists for the Puerto Rican public that describe their passion for science,  work, and important scientific concepts in "rice and beans". A great gift for science lovers and young readers and a good resource for the classroom. The book is available at Amazon and bookstores in Puerto Rico.
Additional Resources
The CienciaPR website also offers other information and resources for people interested in learning more about science and Puerto Rico:

Information for Educators

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Up-to-date and relevant news
In this section you will find the latest relevant content to educators on the CienciaPR webpage. You can view events, messages of job opportunities, professional development, or teaching in our forums, or news, podcasts, or blogs of interest. 
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If you are interested in information about specific topics, don't forget to use our search bar at top right. You can also access an advanced search function. Our search system is also a good tool to help your students find information on the relevance of science to Puerto Rico.

Special CienciaPR Projects

Learn about our projects and their impact
Seeds of Success: Program for Girl STEM Ambassadors
Do you know a curious and socially committed girl who will be in 7th - 9th grade during the 2015-2016 academic year? Encourage her to apply to this program to nurture her curiosity for science and technology and to develop her leadership skills. The application is open until May 31, 2015.
Teacher Workshops
We  occasionally offer workshops for science, Spanish, and other teachers on how to use the Ciencia A Tu Alrededor videos, the ¡Ciencia Boricua! book and our CienciaPR website in the classroom. Here you will see the objectives of the workshops, some of the slides used, and an assessment of the extent and impact of our initial series of workshops.
Ciencia Boricua Project 

To examine the impact of cultural relevance in the teaching of science, in 2012 we worked with the Nueva Escuela Juan Ponce de León to integrate the ¡Ciencia Boricua! book to the science curriculum. This section presents the results of that study as well as some of the materials we developed that can be useful for other teachers.

Proyecto Ciencia Boricua