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Daniel Colón-Ramos: studying and building connections

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Dr. Daniel Colón Ramos
Dr. Daniel Colón Ramos

You could say that the life of Dr. Daniel Colón-Ramos is one big game of connect-the-dots. A native of Palo Hincado in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, and now associate professor at Yale University, Daniel investigates how neurons make connections to form a functional nervous system.

Dr. Colón-Ramos has taken the lessons he’s learned about connectivity and applied them beyond the bench, finding ways to link two of his loves: science and Puerto Rico. 

Homeland connection

Nominate an unsung hero of science communication to the Paul Shin Award

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Last year I had the honor to receive this award and I can honestly say it was one of the best experience of my personal and professional life! So, if you know an unsung hero of science communication, please nominate her or him to the Paul Shin Award! I would happy to answer any questions!





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