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The University of Texas at El Paso is America's leading Hispanic-serving university. Located at the westernmost tip of Texas, where two states and two countries converge along the Rio Grande, UTEP is a comprehensive public research university that is increasing access to excellent higher education.





RUM solar boat regains championship in Ohio competition

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The UPRM Solar Boat team, composed of students from the College of Engineering of the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus (RUM), won the championship in the Solar Splash 2023 competition, which was recently held in Springfield, Ohio.  

The collegiate collective, composed of four students from the departments of Electrical Engineering (INEL) and Computers (ICOM); and Mechanics (INME), obtained an overall score of 953.74 out of 1,000. With this feat, they regained the world championship title by winning the George Ettenheim Memorial trophy that they had achieved, for the first time, in 2021. Last year they were runners-up.  

RUM Graduate named to the Engineering Hall of Fame

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Rey Almodóvar, a graduate of the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus (RUM), was inducted into the Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame (AEHOF), a distinction that was created in 1987 by the then governor of that state that recognizes the excellence of outstanding individuals, companies and associated projects in that U.S. jurisdiction. 

Yanixa Cordero

Yanixa Cordero Vega se desempeña como Ingeniera de Calidad en Medtronic-Juncos. Posee un Bachillerato en Ingeniería Industrial, ha trabajado en la industria textil, electrónica y de dispositivos médicos. Yanixa nació en Mayagüez y se crió en Quebradillas. En su tiempo libre le gusta bailar, dibujar y compartir sus experiencias.


Wandaliz Torres-García

Wandaliz Torres-García es nacida y criada en Mayagüez; producto del sistema de educación pública de Puerto Rico y del sistema de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, orgullosa Colegial. Posee un doctorado en Ingeniería Industrial con peritaje en Minería de Datos Multivariados y Bioinformática. Es profesora del Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial en la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Mayagüez.


Melitza Colón Vázquez

Melitza Colón Vázquez es Gerente de Compras de Materiales en Boston Scientific. Posee una maestría en Ciencias de Ingeniería Industrial y una certificación en Coaching Profesional. Melitza se crió en Guayama, le encanta bailar, montar rompe cabezas y desarrollar herramientas que le permitan fortalecer su práctica de Coaching Profesional.


Angélica Rivera Valentín

Angélica Rivera Valentín es Ingeniera de Calidad en Medtronic Juncos, destacada en la introducción de nuevos productos. Es experta en ciencias e ingeniería, posee un bachillerato en Ingeniería Química y una maestría en Ingeniería Gerencial. Le apasiona compartir sus conocimientos y amor por las ciencias. Además, es apasionada de la fotografía y la playa.


UPR Mayagüez Campus graduate honored as one of the Women of Color Technology Rising Stars

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Carla Pamela Puig Mojica, a graduate of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (INME) of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Mayagüez Campus (RUM), received the Women of Color (WOC) Technology Rising Star Award, given nationally in the United States by Career Communication Group, Inc. to young women of ethnic diversity, with less than 15 years in the workforce, who contribute with their performance to forge the technology of the future.

Read the full story in the spanish version. 

More than Science: Joan Laureano, an engineer “on-trend”

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Borinqueñas, if something is certain it is that science and engineering are everywhere, in everything we do and everything we create. More importantly, science and engineering can open many doors in our future since the skills learned by studying these disciplines can be an advantageous in the workplace independent of what your final career path might be. This is the case of Borinqueña Joan Laureano Correa. Joan, who is an electric engineer, is also a renowned accessories and jewelry designer.


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