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Open call for the Rock Solid 2017 grant

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Undergraduate students from the University of Puerto Rico that wish to continue their studies in computer engineering, information systems, computer science and accounting, can apply for the Rock Solid 2017 Grant, offered by Rock Solid Technologies.

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Informatics Enterprise Acknowledge Puertorican Talent

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A group of students from several campuses of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) received fellowships from Rock Solid Technologies. The Rock Solid 2015 fellowship recipients were:

Melinda Vargas Ramos- Majoring in Computarized Math at UPR- Humacao

Juan Octavio Cortés Mulero- majoring in Accounting at UPR- Humacao

Javier Ruiz Vélez- majoring in Accounting and computer Sciences at UPR-Rio Piedras

Alberic Dávila Cadilla- majoring in Computer Sciences at UPR- Bayamón


To read the full article, visit the Spanish version of this site.

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