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Second Tertulia CienciaPR: Science Policy

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We continually hear in the news discussion about topics of global significance such as energy or health reforms, national security, global warming, the food crisis, and the fiscal budget and its impact on innovation and competitiveness, among others. Although seemingly unrelated to each other, in order to be resolved all of these issues need to include considerations about science.

It is precisely at the interface of science, society and government where "science policy" lives; it is an area dedicated to applying, incorporating or translating science and technology knowledge and findings in order to develop well-informed policies or programs for the common good.

Virtual meeting about scientific communication in Spanish

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CienciaPR will be hosting it first virtual meeting on the topic: Science Communication in Spanish, tonight at 9pm (PR). The invited speakers are Luis Quevedo (@luisquevedo) and  Mónica Feliú Mójer (@moefeliu). To participate in the event enter:  Divulgando la Ciencia en Español


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