Welcome to the UPR-IPERT Program!


Welcome to the UPR- IPERT community! This program—your program—aims to make more university students from different disciplines and socio-economic profiles broaden their competencies in biomedical research topics and areas related to health.

We seek to train professionals who are persevering, empowered, committed to Puerto Rico and with an interdisciplinary vision of health.

We would like to recruit more members like you!

 Instructions for registering with UPR-IPERT


Undergraduate students of Social Sciences or Natural Sciences interested in conducting graduate studies in the biomedical sciences, behavioral sciences and other areas related to the study of health.

Professors interested in strengthening their research, committed to the mentoring of undergraduate students.

The UPR-IPERT Program offers you ...

  • Access to a network of virtual mentors through PR Science and the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN).
  • Workshops to improve your skills in quantitative and statistical analysis (in different locations throughout Puerto Rico)
  • Virtual seminars (webinars) that address issues of biomedical research, as well as ethical, social and environmental aspects that affect health.
  • Tools to prepare your professional development plan (PDP)
  • Online Research Certificates: 6 virtual modules * Available in August 2018
  • Workshops to improve your mentor skills (for teachers)

In order to take full advantage of the benefits of the program, we recommend that you also enroll in the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN), a consortium that seeks to diversify the biomedical workforce and provides countless resources to support you in your professional development (workshops, Webinars, virtual mentoring, certificates and much more).

Soon, we will have detailed information on these and other opportunities in the UPR-IPERT section in CienciaPR.

If you are a student or professor of the UPR, we ask you to communicate with your university's link contact to obtain more information about the resources and activities available. 


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Researcher at the UPR Cayey studies the effectiveness of COVID-19 prevention measures through mathematical models

This article is reproduced by CienciaPR with permission from the original source.

CienciaPR Contribution: 


With the purpose of developing mathematical models that study the effectiveness of interventions such as physical distancing, effective treatment and / or social distancing in the prevention, mitigation or eradication of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Mayteé Cruz Aponte of the University of Puerto Rico in Cayey (UPR-Cayey), is developing an investigation to evaluate the existing mitigation measures in order to design additional methods for the eradication of the current pandemic.


Solicita al programa Yale-UPR MD/PhD

El Departamento de Biomedical & Biological Sciences (BBS) de la Universidad de Yale y la Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, invitan a estudiantes a participar de una orientación en línea, este lunes 21 de mayo de 1:30-2:30pm PR/ET, sobre el Programa de MD-PhD en Conjunto entre Yale y la UPR-RCMLa orientación explicará el propósito del programa y el proceso de solicitud y dará detalles sobre el componente doctoral en Yale. La misma contará con la participación del Dr. Ricardo González de la UPR-RCM y los Dres.

Announcing the UPR-IPERT Program


What is it?

The UPR-IPERT program is a multi-campus and interdisciplinary training program at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) that offers you training in the skills to conduct biomedical and health-related research.

UPR-IPERT combines in-person training activities and online trainings and resources. In-person training activities are offered at different UPR campuses. Online activities will be accessible through this page soon.

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