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American Lung Association --- Fighting for Air
Life-Enhancing Lung Disease Research
We're Proud to Announce Our Newest Research Awards
This year the American Lung Association will be spending close to $9 million on lung disease research. We are funding 85 novel and innovative research projects focused on a wide range of complex issues to help combat and reduce the suffering and burden of lung disease on patients and their loved ones.Research Awards

Committed donors like you provide much of the support for this critical research, and we thank you for your continued generosity.

Ten of our researchers have been chosen as the American Lung Association Scholars—an exclusive group of researchers expected to be among the best and brightest investigators in lung disease research.
This year's scholars include:
Gutian Xiao, Ph.D.
Lung Cancer Scholar
Gutian Xiao, Ph.D of the University of Pittsburgh is examining if a widely found protein molecule, PDLIM2, that functions as a cancer suppressor and plays a role in response to chemotherapy, can be used to help diagnose and treat lung cancer.
Delesha Carpenter, Ph.D.
Obstructive Lung Disease Scholar
Delesha Carpenter, Ph.D. of the University of North Carolina is developing a free, user-friendly adolescent asthma self-management application for mobile and tablet devices with the goal of improving asthma self-management.
Lobelia Samavati, M.D.
Interstitial Lung Disease Scholar
Lobelia Samavati, M.D. of Wayne State University in Detroit is examining why the inflammatory process continues to be activated once an infection is fought off in sarcoidosis patients but not healthy individuals.
Learn more about this year's Research Awards on our website,

Your support has helped our our researchers discover improved treatments and advanced understanding of devastating diseases such as TB, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis and obstructive lung diseases. But there is much more to do to ensure cures for lung diseases. Please consider making a donation today. Your gift, no matter how small or large, will help fulfill the mission of the American Lung Association. Together, we continue Fighting for Air.
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