Se un embajador educativo de la NASA! (oportunidad para maestros)

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Domingo, 31 marzo 2013

Become a team member for NASA's Next Mission to Mars!

MAVEN Education Ambassadors (MEA) program for Middle and High School Teachers

When: July 8-12, 2013
Where: UC Berkeley, CA.

The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN Mission (MAVEN), set to launch in November 2013, will explore the planet's upper atmosphere, ionosphere, and interactions with the solar wind. The mission will provide invaluable insight into the history of Mars' atmosphere and climate, liquid water, and planetary habitability.

In this NASA-funded program, you will receive training to become a MAVEN Ambassador. We will provide you with a week-long PD workshop, training on a variety of standards-based classroom activities, plus follow-up support for several years. Participants are expected to implement some of the lesson plans and education resources in their own classrooms, as well as conduct teacher trainings in their local area on the mission and related education activities.

Participants will receive a $700 travel stipend for attending the UC-Berkeley workshop, with free housing and meals. An additional $700 honorarium will be provided after conducting a local workshop.

To Apply, visit: 

Registration deadline is March 31st!

Click "Workshop Application."

After acceptance into the program, a $50 free will be requested to reserve your spot. If the fee is a financial burden, please contact us.

Erin Wood
Educational Coordinator
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
University of Colorado Boulder



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