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Science is all around you: 1st Anniversary

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 Celebrate with us our 1st anniversary!




Greetchen: "José, can you believe that we started this adventure one year ago?

José: "Wow! How quickly time passes by, when you told me I was surprised. We have learned a lot from this experience and from our guests!

José: "Thank you for having me in this adventure, where we enjoyed and learned the science around us. Since you mention it, this is part of my mission as a scientist and a photographer. I also want to thank you for taking the initiative to start this project to bring such an important message to our people."

science around you

The blog Science is all Around You, was created to display impacting images shared by scientists and science lovers. Each month, we present images in which you can observe and learn about the presence of science in our environment. This year we enjoyed the colors of birds like the San Pedrito, and the Puerto Rican Nightjar, the majesty of our crested toad, the beauty of our Ceiba flower and Higüero de Sierra”, the mysteries of the Lirio cave, the peculiarity of the lionfish and carnivorous plants, the versatility of a bone cell, and even the splendor of our Milky Way.

Everything has been possible thanks to our guests who have generously collaborated with us:

- Eddie Laboy – ecólogist and professor

- Juan González- professional photographer

- José A. Mari-Mutt- historian and retired zoology professor

- Paul Sundaram- Engineer and professor

- Jan Paul Zegarra- biologist at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

- Omar Monsegur- biologist at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

- Angel Nieves- biospeleology specialist

- Gloria Archilla- professional photographer

We will continue the rest of the year learning between images and the wonderful dialogues in Science is all Around You. Thanks for the support.

Share our blog by using “cienciaatualrededor”. You can follow Greetchen (@GreetDiaz) and José (@titovolky) on Twitter. We thank Dr. Henry Paz for his help in edition and Dr. Carlos Muñoz (Biology Department, University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez) for designing our anniversary logo. Don't forget to visit our store